The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has warned candidates appearing for CA exams against sending threat mails to examination centres, saying legal action will be initiated for such misdemeanour.

Will take legal action against CA candidates sending threat mails to exam centres: ICAI – education

The Chartered Accountants Institute of India (ICAI) has warned candidates sitting for CA exams not to send threatening emails to the exam centers, saying that legal action will be taken for such a crime.

In a statement, the ICAI said: “Some test centers have reported that they are receiving threatening emails from some of the candidates who are taking the CA exam scheduled for November.” “The institute has taken this type of misdemeanor by candidates very seriously. It is equivalent to interfering in the examination process of the Institute, which is a statutory function under the provisions of the Public Accountants Act of 1949, ”he said.

Legal action has already been taken against some of those students, the institute said.

CA applicants were reminded that the institute had issued comprehensive guidelines last month for test centers, officials and candidates in compliance with government guidelines with a focus on social distancing, thermal scanning and disinfection.

ICAI has also created a Google forum for the benefit of students to raise any questions related to the exam.

“Therefore, if any candidate is found writing threatening messages directly to the test centers, such action will be seriously considered and the institute does not hesitate to take action for such a misdemeanor by students. The test centers have already been instructed to notify the Institute of these cases with details of such candidates, such as the name and student registration number, for our necessary action.

“Therefore, students are advised to cease and desist from such irregular acts in their own interest,” he added.


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