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Will Sonia tolerate such remarks against her daughter, asks Imarti Devi as Kamal Nath fires ‘item’ jibe

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Will Sonia tolerate such comments against her daughter ?, asks Imarti Devi as Kamal Nath shoots ‘item’

Madhya Pradesh Cabinet Minister Imarti Devi has strongly objected to comments by former CM Kamal Nath referring to her as an “element”. Furious at the statement, the BJP leader demanded that the president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, expel Kamal Nath from the party.

Imarti Devi also asked Sonia Gandhi if she would tolerate such comments about her daughter. “These people (Kamal Nath) have no right to stay in Madhya Pradesh … I demand that the President of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, leave the party. She is also a woman and a mother, will she tolerate if someone says something like this about her? ? daughter, “he told the news agency YEARS.

During a campaign rally in Gwalior’s Dabra constituency on Sunday, Kamal Nath, without mentioning the name of Cabinet Minister Imarti Devi, said: “Our candidates are simple by nature, not like her, what is her name? (The crowd replied ‘Imarti Devi’) … why should I even take her name? What an article! “

Imarti Devi, who was previously in Congress, is now a cabinet minister in the Madhya Pradesh government led by Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

The chairman of the BJP’s Madhya Pradesh unit, Vishnu Dutt Sharma, said: “On the second day of Navratri, Kamal Nath has insulted the power of women by calling a woman an element. The people of the state will respond.”

Meanwhile, Madhya Pradesh’s Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is observing a two-hour “silent protest” in Bhopal, against Kamal Nath’s comments. Other ministers of state and party leaders are also present.

28-seat by-elections are scheduled to be held in Madhya Pradesh on November 3.

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