West Bengal polls 2021 TMC appeals Left Congress support Mamata Banerjee in fight against BJP

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TMC calls on the Left and Congress to support Mamata in the fight against the BJP

The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday called on the Left Front and Congress to support West Bengal’s chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, in her fight.

against the “communal and divisive” policy of the BJP. Elections to the 294-member state assembly must be held between April and May.

“If the Left Front and Congress are genuinely anti-BJP, they should be behind Mamata Banerjee in her fight against the communal and divisive politics of the saffron party,” TMC deputy Sougata Roy told reporters.

TMC supreme Mamata Banerjee is the “real face of secular anti-BJP policy,” he said.

Roy claimed that none of the schemes launched by the BJP-led government at the Center have worked successfully.

“The TMC narrative is one of constructive criticism for the sake of development,” he said.

Referring to the cattle smuggling that has caused a political storm in West Bengal, which is close to the polls, Roy said it is the duty of the Border Security Force (BSF) and not the state police to prevent this.

“The BSF, which is under the central government, looks after the country’s borders. It is its duty and not that of the police to prevent cross-border smuggling of cattle,” said the TMC deputy.

Launching a stabbing attack on Union Home Amit Shah, who had visited the state last month, the lead lawmaker said: “Instead of having lunch in different places, I should have visited the border to check if the BSF is doing its job properly or no. . “

Responding to a question on whether the BJP head of state Dilip Ghosh will be the Saffron party’s top ministerial candidate for the elections, he said it is an internal BJP matter.

“Diamond Harbor MP and TMC youth wing chief Abhishek Banerjee has much greater political experience than Ghosh, who joined politics only in 2015, but even he did not claim to be the face of TMC’s CM” added.


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