Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board (UPSESSB) has cancelled the recruitment process initiated on October 29 to fill 15,508 posts of teachers in over 4500 government-aided secondary schools in the state.

UPSESSB cancels advertisement to recruit 15,508 teachers – education

The Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Services Selection Board (UPSESSB) canceled the hiring process started on October 29 to fill 15,508 teacher positions in more than 4,500 government-funded secondary schools in the state.

This decision was made on Wednesday during a UPSESSB online meeting. Board members including Dhirendra Dwivedi, Harendra Kumar Rai, Dineshmani Tripathi, Om Prakash Rai and Naval Under Secretary Kishore were present at the meeting chaired by UPSESSB President Viresh Kumar.

UPSESSB Undersecretary Naval Kishore said a new announcement will be issued to fill these positions after addressing all legal issues that arise in the way of this recruitment.

This was the largest hiring process ever conducted by UPSESSB to fill 12,913 Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT) positions and 2,595 Graduate Teacher (PGT) positions.

The official said the decision was made to avoid the possibility of any contempt of the Supreme Court’s orders.

On November 13, the Advocate General had said that two different criteria could not be adopted to award grades to ad hoc teachers and new candidates on the same written exam from the same chart. In support of his argument, the attorney general cited the August 28 Supreme Court order in the Sanjay Singh case. He said that the announcement issued by UPSESSB on October 29 was contrary to Supreme Court instructions and that any recruitment made against this announcement would be in contempt of the Supreme Court’s order. It recommended the cancellation of the ad and the publication of a new ad, strictly following the orders of the Supreme Court. “Therefore, it was decided to cancel the announcement issued on October 29 in accordance with the legal opinion in the interest of the applicants and also to repair the applications requesting the inclusion of TGT Biology also in this same announcement,” said officials of board.

Candidates who have already applied online for this recruitment will not be required to reapply once the new ad is posted. The National Informatics Center (NIC) will be asked to make the necessary provisions in the software for this purpose, the officials said.

Thousands of candidates have already applied for these positions in the last three weeks since the hiring announcement was posted.


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