UP Board Exams 2021: ‘There could be single invigilator in exam hall instead of two’ – education

Instead of the usual two, there could be only one proctor in a room to monitor the exam taking in the UP Board exam 2021.

This will happen if there is a shortage of teachers for surveillance duties due to the need to increase the number of exam rooms by placing fewer examinees due to the crown crisis, officials from the state department of education said.

In order to maintain social distancing, a major change has been made in the process of creating test centers and duly incorporated into the middle and high school-2021 test center assignment policy approved by the state government, they explained. .

Officials share that in the 2021 UP Board exams, each center will have a minimum assignment of 150 students and a maximum of 800 students. In previous years, there were up to 1,200 students in a test center. Likewise, each student would be given 36 square feet of space instead of 20 square feet.

According to UP Board standards, a 500-square-foot room would have seating for up to 14 or 15 children. In this way there
would be enough space
between two students following the concept of social distancing.

Therefore, the number of centers is expected to increase from 7,783 in 2020 to around 14,000 in 2021. Therefore, there could be a shortage of teachers for such a large number of test centers.

In particular, there may be problems in terms of taking the exams according to the old rule of having two proctors for each compulsory and popular subject like Hindi, English, science, social studies, etc., which would have a large number of high-level students. school.

With this in mind, the Board has anticipated this time that in view of the unavoidable circumstances / Covid-19 pandemic, the rule of a minimum of two supervisors in each room could be relaxed and the Board could deploy one supervisor per room if there is enough teachers are not available.

“We would follow all established rules and protocols in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, including safe social distancing between two students on board exams,” he said
UP Board Secretary Divyakant Shukla.

Meanwhile, district-level officials have sent the schools physical verification report to the board for the identification of the board’s test centers. The board had requested the report before December 26.

The board will publish the list of test centers for the 2021 exams, including student assignment, by January 11. Objections to this list at the district level will be updated on February 4. The final list of centers will be published around February 9, let’s say


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