University of Hyderabad allows phased return to ‘in person’ classes for students – education

The Vice Chancellor of Hyderabad University approved the Task Force recommendation to allow about 148 final semester students from the Schools of Science and the SN School to return to campus to complete lab or practice courses that have been left incomplete since last semester or have been postponed to last semester.

The list of students was identified by the respective academic units, according to the Public Relations Office of Hyderabad University.

The Working Group, headed by Prof. Vinod Pavarala, has been carefully monitoring the current status of the prevalence of COVID-19 (including the new variant) and the possible deployment of vaccination and also following the unlock guidelines, which are broadcast periodically. on time by the Government of India and the Government of Telangana.

“Additionally, considering the risk of a pandemic outbreak on campus (along the IIT-Madras line), our own limited facilities for student quarantine or isolation, and UGC guidelines on hostel accommodation, the Task Force has planned a gradual and phased return of students to campus. The university has already allowed the return to campus of more than 320 research fellows (M.Phil. And Ph.D.) in various Study Schools so that they can carry out experimental work and the timely presentation of their theses, “he said. . Office of Public Relations, Hyderabad University.

A full semester online was also successfully completed for the ongoing group of master’s students and the first semester classes were started online as well. In this last announced phase, the Task Force considered the requirements for academic units that have lab / practice components that must be completed before students graduate in June 2021 and have prioritized the return of approximately 148 students. The Vice Chancellor has asked the faculty, staff, and students of social sciences, economics, humanities, administration, and SN School to view this as a process, in which everyone is required to prioritize the immediate needs of some students over others.

For now, all theory classes, including those that are allowed to return to campus for practical input, will continue online. While thanking the university community for their cooperation in executing the plans, the vice chancellor urged a gradual and safe return to campus to minimize risks to the health and safety of students, faculty members, and staff. .


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