President of India Ram Nath Kovind.

Universities of Takshashila, Nalanda can provide inspiration to deal with today’s challenges: President Kovind – education

In dealing with today’s challenges, one can draw inspiration from the former universities of Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Vallabhi, which had set high standards for teaching and research, President Ram Nath Kovind said Wednesday. Addressing the fourth annual convocation of Jawaharlal Nehru University, he said that Indian academics today should try to create an original body of knowledge that is useful in dealing with contemporary global challenges.

“In addressing today’s challenges, we can draw inspiration from the universities of Takshashila, Nalanda, Vikramshila and Vallabhi, which had set high standards for teaching and research. Academics and students from all over the world came to these centers to gain specialized knowledge, ”Kovind said at the convocation ceremony.

That ancient system, which had many elements of modernity, produced great scholars such as Charaka, Aryabhata, Chanakya, Panini, Patanjali, Gargi, Maitreyi, and Thiruvalluvar. They made invaluable contributions to medical science, mathematics, astronomy, grammar, and social development, he said. “Today’s Indian academics should try to create such an original body of knowledge that it is used to address contemporary global challenges. JNU is among those select institutions of higher education that can achieve globally comparable excellence, ”said the President.

On the COVID-19 pandemic, he said that the whole world is in a state of crisis because of it. “In the prevailing scenario of epidemics and pandemics, the 2020 National Education Policy establishes that it is essential that higher education institutions take the leadership in conducting research in areas of infectious diseases, epidemiology, virology, diagnosis, instrumentation, vaccines and other relevant areas, ”Kovind said.

“It is also necessary to study related social problems, preferably with a multidisciplinary approach. In this endeavor, universities like JNU must be at the forefront in developing specific support mechanisms and promoting innovation among student communities ”, he added. The president said that all nuances of Indian culture are reflected in JNU. “The names of the buildings, hostels, roads and facilities on campus come from Indian heritage. This represents a cultural and geographical image of India at its best. This Indianness is from JNU ”, he said.


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