Tripura’s college student starts business, provides employment to people during pandemic – education

When people are losing jobs to the Covid-19 pandemic, a 22-year-old university student from Tripura started his own LED light bulb manufacturing business and is providing employment for people in his unit.

Meet Rohit Bhattacharjee, a sophomore English honors student, who started an LED light bulb manufacturing unit at Mahaprabhu Sarani in the Dharmanagar subdivision of the Northern District. As a student, Rohit doesn’t have much to invest except an amount of almost Rs. 1 lakh saved from his pocket money since he was in Class 10. He even sold his motorcycle, which was a gift from his parents.

“My goal is to illuminate every house in Tripura at an affordable price. I was interested in knowing how people can use LED light at the lowest price. I started surfing the internet, reading books and figuring out how to make an LED light bulb and finally installed a unit in late February of this year, ”said Rohit.

He bought a punching machine, a cap packing machine along with some raw materials for an LED bulb to start his business. He used a 12×24 room in Dharmanagar for his LED bulb manufacturing unit. The room is the ancestral heritage of his parents.

Little by little, he began to trust his business by receiving orders from local retailers. Above all, it began employing people during the crucial moment of the Covid-19 lockdown. Currently, eight people, including seven skilled workers, electricians and a manager, are committed to your project. Two of them are women.

Among the employees, three joined his project after losing their jobs in Bangalore.

“We make 600-700 LED bulbs per day and each LED bulb costs Rs 65. Each worker prepares at least 100 bulbs a day and they get Rs. 4 for each bulb. After Dharmanagar, Panisagar retailers in North district, Kailasahar and Kumarghat in Unakoti and Agartala district started ordering from my unit, ”he said and expressed hope that his unit could generate more employment opportunities in the future. .

His employees earn Rs. 12,000-15,000 per month of the project.

Jayasree Goswami (Bhattacharjee), a retired government school teacher, said: “We saw him spend hours studying about LED bulbs. But we had no idea of ​​his plan. However, we are pleased that he has tried to help people within their limited capacity in the pandemic. “


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