The Sports School launches National Scholarship Program, to award scholarships to 60 students – education

Indian cricketer Robin Uthappa and tennis star Rohan Bopanna will mentor budding athletes from the country as part of the National Scholarship Program launched Friday by The Sports School (TSS), an integrated institution for sports and academics.

The School of Sports (TSS), which received the Best Institute for Sports Promotion Education award at the 2020 FICCI India Sports Awards, will award scholarships to approximately 60 eligible students in four sports: cricket, soccer, tennis and basketball.

The announcement was made during a virtual press conference attended by Bopanna, Uthappa along with Mandar Tamhane, CEO of Bengaluru FC and partner of The Sports School Football Academy.

John Mahesh Rao, Head Coach of the Sports School Basketball Academy and TSS Director Dr. Sankar UV, were also present during the event.

“I am delighted that this scholarship program will be a great opportunity to reach out to talented children who are abandoning their dreams of a tennis career due to lack of financial support and opportunities,” said Bopanna, who is the lead mentor for TSS and founder of Rohan Bopanna TSS Tennis Academy.

“With this scholarship, I believe that players, who are AITA ranked and want to follow the sport at the highest level, will get the proper training and guidance along with a quality education.” The scholarship program will be offered to students in the age category of U-12, U-14 and U-16. Candidates will be evaluated based on their potential and performance in the tests, which will take place in January.

The scholarships will range between 25% and 100% and will cover sports training and academic fees. Uthappa, a senior mentor at TSS cricket Academy said: “During the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies, I was in my final year at BCom and I missed my senior year exams because I was in the World Cup. “Only the following year I was able to sit for the exam, also after having gone through special classes and having written the exams. But we don’t have to do this at The Sports School, we make sure to integrate education with sport ”. TSS has also partnered with Bengaluru FC as its soccer partner.

“At Bengaluru FC, our aim is to improve Indian football by searching for talents and bringing them together under one roof where our Youth Development Program gives them the best possible opportunity to grow as players,” said BFC Club CEO Mandar Tamhane .

“We are the only club-operated academy that received a two-star rating from the AFC, and the goal is to add these young people to our system and then our first team.” The last date to submit the application is December 28.


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