Teachers cannot be imposed to report to school: Maharashtra edu department - education

Teachers cannot be imposed to report to school: Maharashtra edu department – education

After receiving several complaints from teacher associations about calls to school every day, the education department has clarified that they can continue to work from home.

In a circular issued by the Mumbai region deputy principal’s office, schools have been told to teach online. “This office has received complaints from teachers who allege that they are being called to report from various parts of the city even when the trains do not run regularly. Schools should note that the work done by teachers for online education should be calculated as their official working hours and their wages should not be deducted, ”the circular states.

A teacher at a Kandivali school said: “The school asks us to physically report to work every day. Teachers have to spend 2000 rupees every day to travel from Thane and beyond. Sometimes we just teach online from school, which we can also do from our homes. ”

In accordance with current guidelines, teachers can be called to the school once or twice a week if the principal needs it. However, teaching work must continue online. Teachers suffering from hypertension, heart disease, etc. are exempt from physically attending school. and those over 50 years old.

Several groups of teachers such as Shikshak Parishad and Shikshak Bharati had also complained that various schools forced parents to submit answer sheets of solved work as part of the exams. “Until now, the department of education has not declared any specific guidelines on taking exams. Therefore, schools should only continue with online activities, ”states the circular.

The department has warned action schools if they don’t follow the rules. “Strict action will be taken against the principals and managers of such schools,” the circular says.


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