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Tamil Nadu government orders enquiry against Anna University V-C – education

The Tamil Nadu government ordered an investigation against MK Surappa, Vice Chancellor of Anna University, here, for alleged wrongdoing and corruption.

Surappa denied the charges and indicated that he was ready to face any investigation.

The Department of Higher Education set up the investigative committee under retired Superior Court judge Judge P Kalaiyarasan to examine the allegations, as the department said prima facie that (the charges) were serious in nature.

The government said it ordered the investigation based on allegations of rampant corruption at the university, financial irregularities and corruption charges against Surappa, among others.

Judge Kalaiyarasan will investigate the allegations and, if they are proven true, suggest ways and means to prevent such recurrences in the future, he said.

Denying the allegations against him, Surappa told reporters that he was not involved in any corruption and claimed that he had not received a single payment.

He said that he had worked in various institutions, including the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), in various capacities and that he was clean.

“The (investigation) committee will do the job … no problem … okay,” he said when asked if he was ready to face the investigation.

He said he was ready to answer anyone about the charges, adding: “My accounts are open.”


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