Suvendu Adhikari Brother Soumendu Adhikari join BJP TMC workers

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West Bengal BJP Leader Suvendu Adhikari

BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari said on Friday that his disgruntled brother and TMC leader Soumendu, recently retired from the administrator post in Contai municipality, will join the saffron camp along with a number of other activists from the ruling party. of the state.

Stating that the TMC, of ​​which he was a part until about a month ago, will “disintegrate” soon, Adhikari, during a meeting here in Purba Medinipur, stated that Soumendu, along with some councilors and 5,000 TMC workers, will switch to the feast of the saffron later in the day.

“My younger brother Soumendu will join the BJP in Contai today. He will be accompanied by several councilors and 5,000 TMC grassroots workers. The TMC will constantly disintegrate,” Adhikari said here on the occasion of the Foundation Day of the party led by Mamata Banerjee.

Soumendu had said Thursday that the lotus would bloom in every home, hinting that he would join the saffron festival, following in his brother’s footsteps.

The Adhikari family has two other members in the TMC camp: MPs Dibyendu and Sisir.

Claiming that at least one lakh of people will attend his rally in Nandigram on January 8, Adhikari told his supporters: “If any of you face a roadblock on the way to the meeting, just give me a call.”

“TMC criminals had carried out an attack on the pilgrims as they were on their way to a religious program on December 29. Their vehicle was carrying Sanatan Hindu Dharma organization flags. The attackers will be given a proper lesson,” the BJP leader stated. newly incorporated.

Speaking about the CBI raids on Thursday at two Kolkata residences of businessman Binay Mishra, allegedly close to the TMC, in connection with the smuggling of cattle along the India-Bangladesh border, and the arrest of suspected kingpin Enamul Haque in November, Adhikari said: “The agency will soon knock on the doors of a heavyweight involved in the case. Just wait …”

The BJP leader, after his rally, told reporters that he will ensure that the saffron party takes the lead in all segments of the assembly in Purba Medinipur.


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