Supreme Court slaps 10 lakh on medical college for denying PG student admission – education

On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered a medical school in Telangana to pay 10 lakh rupees as compensation to a doctor who was wrongly denied admission to the graduate medical course.

A three-judge Supreme Court tribunal called the university’s action “deplorable” as despite paying fees, aggrieved student MS Koumudi was denied admission, resulting in the loss of a precious academic year . The bench headed by Judge LN Rao ordered the compensation to be paid in four weeks and requested the university to assign a seat for said student in the MS (General Surgery) course for the next academic year.

The university that indulged in this act was the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Kamineni Research Center, Hyderabad.

The college was also found suspicious for filling the seat, provisionally offered to Koumudi, with a person ranked 2,000 places down on the merit list on August 11. The bank wondered if the college was obliged to contact Koumudi first and on his refusal, Offer the seat to the next on the merit list.

In recording its displeasure with the university, the court, which also includes Judges Hemant Gupta and Ajay Rastogi, said: “The manner in which Defendant No. 2-College acted by depriving Defendant No. 1 (student) of admission and admitting Defendant No. 5 on 08/11/2020 is deplorable. The Administrations of the Faculties of Medicine are not expected to indulge in such illegalities when making admissions to Medicine Courses. “

Fortunately, the student’s plight was recognized even by the Telangana High Court where Koumudi had approached. The HC ordered the National Medical Commission and the college to assign an additional seat to the student this academic year. The NMC approached the Supreme Court against this order as it will result in the creation of additional seats.

The Court agreed with NMC. It said: “The annual admission capacity is set by the Indian Medical Council (now NMC), which must be strictly adhered to. Admissions to medical schools cannot be allowed to go beyond the authorized annual admission capacity of a medical school, as this Court has repeatedly held. “

Koumudi appeared in the National Eligibility Entry Test for admission to the PG medical specialty course in January this year and was provisionally assigned an MS (General Surgery) position at the Kamineni Academy based on his rank. The last admission date was extended from July 30 to August 30 due to the pandemic. Koumudi claimed that he visited the university with his father on July 29 and deposited the fees the same day.


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