Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visits happiness class

Sisodia attends ‘happiness class’, Delhi govt school students turn teachers – education

Chief Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia attended a special “happiness class” on Friday in which students from Delhi’s government schools became teachers.

In class, students shared their experiences with Sisodia on how the “happiness curriculum” has created a positive impact on their daily lives, which has been spent at home with schools closed since March due to the COVID-pandemic. 19.

“Children’s Day is celebrated so that guardians, parents and teachers can reflect on how they can make this world a better place for our children. It is especially noteworthy that these happiness classes, which have been in place for two years, are taking place amid the COVID crisis, an extremely difficult situation for the students, ”said Sisodia.

“I am glad to know that our students have now become teachers of the happiness curriculum, by involving their family members and even their friends, spreading the message of the class in a unique way of their own,” he added.

The class was led by students Gulapsha and Nikhil, studying at BPSKV, Devli and GCSV, Dwarka, respectively, who first conducted a meditation session. “This was followed by a storytelling session in which students read situation stories from a presentation and then opened the room for a discussion among themselves. It was a reflection session, in which each student individually assessed the situation and how they would react to it, ”said a Delhi government official.

The Happiness Curriculum was initiated by the government of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in July 2018 with the vision of strengthening the foundation of happiness and well-being for all students through a 35-minute class that is taught every day for all students from kindergarten to class 8 in all 1,030 public schools in Delhi.


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