Regular classes for SSLC, PUC 2nd year will resume from Jan 1 as announced: Karnataka govt – education

The Karnataka government said on Wednesday that regular classes for the state’s 10th and 2nd grade PUC would resume from January 1, as previously announced.

The government’s claim came amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, even as a new variant was detected in the UK.

The state government has announced regular classes for Class 10, High School Second, and the Vidyagama program for public school students in classes six through nine beginning January 1.

Vidyagama’s scheme aims to bring school education to the doorstep of students in rural areas who cannot afford to attend classes online due to various reasons.

Karnataka Minister of Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar said that teaching regular classes was not a matter of prestige for him, but an obligation for his department to ensure that everyone received an education.

“As of January 1, classes will resume. There has been speculation for the last two days, but whatever program we have planned since January 1 will continue, ”he told reporters here after a meeting with officials.

There is no hard and fast rule for attending regular classes, Kumar said, adding that if parents and students are comfortable with online classes, they can study from home.

He recalled the question from the Karnataka High Court to the government about why regular classes cannot take place for other grades as well.

Suresh Kumar quoted Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, who said there was no need for anyone to panic, but insisted on taking all necessary precautions.

“Our state has enough strength and arrangements to meet the challenges we may face in the coming days,” said Kumar.

He added that his department will abide by the suggestions made by the members of our Technical Advisory Committee.

Elementary and middle schools and colleges have been closed since the COVID-19 shutdown in March.


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