Rajinikanth will not click in politics Congress leader Veerappa Moily

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Rajinikanth Won’t Click Politics, Says Congressional Leader Veerappa Moily

Tamil superstar Rajinikanth will not click into politics in the southern state, where the spirit of Dravidian culture has always manifested itself, Congress Leader M Veerappa Moily said on Friday. The former Union Minister recalled that Congress could not achieve an “independent existence” in Tamil Nadu and always aligned itself with the AIADMK or the DMK.

“I don’t think Rajinikanth politics will click because the spirit of Dravidian culture has always manifested itself in Tamil Nadu politics,” Moily, who was in charge of congressional affairs in Tamil Nadu several years ago, told PTI.

“Any political party in Tamil Nadu cannot survive without affiliation to a Tamil party, regional party,” said the former Karnataka chief minister.

Rajinikanth, Moily said, has already given the impression that he is more or less aligned with the “ideals” of the BJP, adding that “that’s why (his party) can’t take off.”

“Unless Rajinikanth re-nurtures the values ​​of Dravidian culture, I don’t think he has any (political) future,” he said.

Rajinikanth announced on Thursday that he would launch a political party in January 2021 to participate in the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

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