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Rajasthan CM Gehlot slams Sibal for his introspection call, hurt sentiments of party workers, affirms faith in congress

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Rajasthan CM Gehlot criticizes Sibal for his ‘call to introspection’, affirms faith in party leadership

The flight within the Congress party has risen to prominence again after Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot criticized Kapil Sibal for his “call for introspection” and publicly removed the party’s leadership after his defeat in the elections of the Bihar assembly, which had just concluded. On social media, Gehlot, in a series of tweets, said that “there was no need” for Sibal to speak about the internal problems of Congress in the media, as it “hurt the feelings of party workers.”

Recalling that Congress had emerged stronger from various crises such as those of 1969, 1977, 1989 and 1996, Gehlot radiated confidence that the party will overcome the current phase of scarcity also under Sonia Gandhi.

“Each time we come out stronger due to our ideology, programs, policies and our firm belief in the leadership of the party. We have improved with each and every crisis and also formed the UPA government in 2004 under the skillful leadership of Soniaji, we will overcome this time too, “wrote the veteran of Congress.

The Rajasthan CM emphasized that the party’s rank and file have consistently shown “a firm and undivided belief” in the leadership of Congress. Furthermore, he claimed that Congress is the “only party” that can hold India together and lead it forward on the path of “integral development”.

Kapil Sibal, in an interview with the Indian Express, said the party must recognize that it is in decline and that it takes “experienced minds, experienced hands and those who understand political realities” to revive the organization.

He said that people no longer saw the party as an “effective alternative” and that the leadership was not addressing the problems facing the party.

“Some of us put our pen to paper and said what should be done in Congress on the road ahead. Instead of listening to us, they turned their backs on us. The results are for all to see … The people of the country, not just in Bihar but wherever by-elections were held, obviously do not see Congress as an effective alternative, “Sibal said, quoted by Indian Express.


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