Proposal for extra attempt to UPSC civil service aspirants under consideration: Centre tells SC – education

The central government filed with the Supreme Court on Friday that a proposal to give an additional opportunity to civil service applicants affected by COVID-19 is under active consideration by the government and the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

A bank headed by Judge AM Khanwilkar was informed by Attorney General Tushar Mehta that the Center and the UPSC are making decisions on a proposal to give students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic one more chance.

“It is under active consideration by the Center and UPSC. We are not taking a contradictory position, ”Mehta said. Later, the bank published the matter for an additional hearing on January 11, 2021.

The bank was hearing a request for an additional attempt at UPSC exams for those candidates who had their last attempt at the preliminary exam held in October 2020. It also looked for an additional opportunity for students who were unable to sit for the service exams. civil due to COVID. -19.

Lead attorney Mukul Rohatgi, who appeared on behalf of the petitioners, maintained that the court ordered the Center to consider granting an additional opportunity considering the difficulties of COVID-19.

On September 30, the Supreme Court ordered the central government and the UPSC to consider granting an additional opportunity to candidates who would otherwise have their last attempt in 2020, with a corresponding extension of the upper age limit.

The Personnel and Training Department had informed the Supreme Court on October 26 that the issue of granting an additional attempt to last-chance candidates was under consideration by the authorities.


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