Private schools in Noida struggle for attendance as parents still wary of Covid-19 – education

Private schools in Uttar Pradesh’s Gautam Buddh Nagar are struggling to get students in classes 9-12 back to classrooms as parents continue to feel unsafe to send their pupils to physical classes due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Private schools recorded just 14 percent of student attendance Tuesday, while government and attended schools recorded 39 percent in Noida and Greater Noida, according to government officials.

After a seven-month hiatus due to the pandemic, the state government allowed schools to reopen for classes from 9 to 12 starting on October 19, said the district’s inspector of schools (DIOS) Neeraj Kumar Pandey.

“Online classes are fine, but they don’t have the gravity of a physical classroom. Once the time passes, it will not be possible to make up for the academic loss, ”Pandey told PTI, adding that his concern was primarily for students in class 12 who would face qualifying exams after school to enter universities.

He said that more awareness and trust-building measures are required among private schools and parents and suggested that students could be called in for at least two to three days and participate in lab work. He also added that the rule to reduce the number of students in a class would provide an ideal student-teacher ratio, and would ask parents to send their wards to schools again.

“I have inspected the schools and found their preparations to be first class. They are well equipped and prepared for social distancing measures and regularly disinfect their facilities according to guidelines, ”said the higher education official.

There are 153 schools in the district, 53 of them with help from the government and the government, while the rest are self-financed, according to officials.

Shivarpit Katoch, a Noida resident whose son is a Class 11 student, said that if given a choice now, he would prefer the online education mode for his neighborhood.

“Sure, schools are preparing for regular classroom studies and ensuring adherence to social distancing guidelines, but I’m not sure if children will show the maturity of following the rules. Even if there are 16 or 20 students in a class, the risk (of contracting the infection) will be there, ”Katoch told PTI.

Renu Singh, principal of Amity International School, Noida, said the response from parents so far has not been encouraging.

“Most feel that it is not safe from now on,” Singh said.

He added that the necessary arrangements have been made according to preventive protocols and the school has adequate arrangements for sanitizer, hand washing, masks and is also ready with thermal scanners and oximeters at all entry points.

“An isolation room has been prepared, if necessary. Doctors will be there to care for students, thermal verification records will be kept. All guidelines received from GOD will be followed, ”said Singh.

He added that only half the number of students will be present in a class and that the seating plan leaving a free seat is resolved.

The Shiv Nadar school, which has branches in Noida, Gurgaon and Faridabad, said that 90 percent of its students’ parents were surveyed to continue classes online.

“We conducted an online survey to assess parental preference between online and physical classes in October and November 2020,” a school spokesperson said.

“According to the results of the survey, an overwhelming majority of parents (90 percent) at Shiv Nadar Noida school are in favor of the online learning mode in October and November. Given this, the management has made a call to continue with the online learning modality until the end of November ”, added the spokesperson.

However, the school said it was closely monitoring the situation and orders from the state government and will contact parents by the second half of November to reevaluate their preferences.

Shriram Millennium School, which has branches in Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon, also continues with the online class mode.

In a communication sent to parents in early October, Uttar Singh, the school’s principal and principal, said that the school considered “Shri Parivar’s health above all else and sought to have feedback from parents to finalize the dates to reopen physical classes. .

However, it had given students who wanted physical classes or clarification sessions, in addition to hands-on science classes and some co-curricular activities, a choice.


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