Odisha to conduct health check ups in schools and colleges for COVID-19 – education

The Odisha government would conduct regular medical check-ups at educational institutions across the state for COVID-19 after schools and universities open, an official said Tuesday.

The Department of Family Health and Welfare would conduct medical check-ups at educational institutions after the opening of schools on January 8 and colleges / universities on January 11, the official said.

The additional chief secretary, PK Mohapatra, has assured the state government on behalf of the H&FW department about the medical check-ups at a high-level meeting chaired by the chief secretary, SC Mohapatra.

The chief secretary had previously asked the department to conduct frequent medical checks in educational institutions and shelters as a preventive measure against any possible large outbreak of the pandemic.

He said the director of educational institutions will keep in constant contact with local health workers and doctors in their towns and will immediately report any suspicious cases.

“ACS PK Mohapatra has assured the government that health personnel will visit educational institutions regularly for medical check-ups,” the official said.

As the government has already announced the date for the reopening of schools for students in classes 10 and 12, the Minister for School and Mass Education, SR Dash, said there will be no further reductions in the curriculum. Previously, the government had announced the reduction of the curriculum by 30 percent.

The hygiene and safety of all students is a government priority, the minister said, adding that around 25 students will be kept in each section for classes.

Consequently, the number of sections will be increased in case there are more students, he said.

The minister said that the main secretary of the Department of Mass and School Education had held a meeting with all the District Education Officials (DEO) on Monday. A node officer has already been hired in each district. They will work in coordination with their respective Collectors and DEO ”, said the minister.

“Classes will take place for 100 days before the exams. Therefore, there will be no holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. Only the Observation Days will be holidays. DEOs have also been asked to appoint teachers if necessary, ”said the minister.

The government had previously announced that classes for standard 10 students will be held from January 8 to April 26, while classes for standard students in Class 12 will be held between January 8 and 28. of April.

Similarly, the standard 10 student exam will begin on May 3, while the standard 12 student exam will begin on May 15.

Meanwhile, the government has also issued a guide for the opening of shelters.


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