New MBBS syllabus at AIIMS Patna to focus on early patient interface – education

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna (AIIMS) has unlinked its MBBS curriculum with AIIMS-Delhi and framed its own that focuses on early clinical attachment of physicians, community exposure, research and development of a better ethics and interpersonal communication skills with patients. .

Physicians will now have a public interface with patients in the first year of the MBBS course itself, compared to the previous third year, said Dr. Umesh Bhadani, dean of AIIMS-Patna, who drove the change in the curriculum. undergraduate in the institute.

Physicians will also have to undergo a mandatory one-month elective position at an institution as part of the reworked curriculum.

Explaining this, Dr. Bhadani said, “Doctors interested in studying coastal or factory diseases can go and join for a month a near-shore institution or industrial unit with which we have a relationship. alliance. Working in a real environment will help them understand the subject better. ”

Early Community Exposure for Physicians, the brainchild of AIIMS-Patna Director Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singh, has also been integrated into the undergraduate curriculum.

Each doctor will have to adopt a family, preferably from a rural area, during the entire MBBS course. During this period, the doctor will study the health status of the family members and will also act as a bridge between them and the AIIMS.

“Our doctors will have to report to us any adverse medical or social conditions that they find among family members while studying their health. They are expected to report, for example, a malnourished child in the community or any family member suffering from a serious non-communicable disease, which has so far not been diagnosed. Not only will this empower our students, it will also provide them with the opportunity to take on patient responsibility on a small scale, ”said Dr. Singh.

“Our doctors, who will also be our brand ambassadors in the community, will have to contact the doctors and officials of our institution to attend to the medical requirements of the family at AIIMS-Patna during their MBBS program. This will not only help the poor family, but it will also help our students better understand patients and develop empathy for them, ”added Dr. Singh.

The new curriculum, which went into effect on January 1, will also encourage undergraduate students to conduct observational research.

“Students will have to complete two research projects on the operation of hospitals during their five-year MBBS course. This will help them develop their thinking process towards research and at the same time be beneficial in improving the functioning of the hospital, ”said Dr. Singh.

Research on the operation of the hospital will help the institute gain direct feedback from patients and improve the loophole.

“Doctors can, for example, interview 100 patients in our outdoor patient department (OPD) and collect information about their tribulations. This could be due to a long wait for the consultation, late arrival of doctors, rude behavior of healthcare staff, signage problems, making it difficult to locate departments, etc. In addition to encouraging students to conduct research, you will also help the institute gain direct feedback from patients. ”Dr. Bhadani said.

During the one-month core course, the emphasis will also be on providing computer advice and a local language for better communication with patients. Co-curricular activities and sports are also part of the curriculum, linked to student attendance.

A student must have a minimum of 75% attendance in academics, elective publications, co-curricular activities, and sports to be eligible to write the final exam, Dr. Bhadani said.

A 40% weighting will be given in the scores to the internal exams and 60% to the final exam while calculating the final overall percentage of a doctor. This has been done to ensure that a student takes their studies seriously from the moment they enter the MBBS course.


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