Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. (ANI file)

New education policy vision of PM Modi, to be implemented in phases by 2022: Adityanath – education

Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath said Thursday that the 2020 National Education Policy is the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and will be implemented in phases by 2022.

Addressing a meeting at Lucknow University after inaugurating the centenary celebrations, he also said that the new education policy will carry society forward and will prove to be the foundation of “Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat” and a self-sufficient India.

“The policy is the prime minister’s vision and it will be implemented in 2022. It includes both the theoretical and practical aspects of the knowledge that is necessary for students. If Lucknow University moves forward with the new National Education Policy, it will establish a new paradigm, ”said Adityanath.

Congratulating all those associated with the university for completing 100 years of its creation, he said that during this glorious journey, the institution has made remarkable achievements in the academic field nationally and internationally.

“This university has given the country many distinguished dignitaries, politicians, administrative officials, directors, scientists and industrialists, including the president,” the prime minister said.

He said that a society can become self-sufficient and self-sufficient only when it gets ahead of the government. “The new education policy will advance society and will prove to be the foundation of ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ and a self-sufficient India,” Adityanath said. Emphasizing the need for educational institutions to connect with the public and play an important role in local issues, he noted that Lucknow University made a hand sanitizer to meet the challenge of COVID-19.

“All educational institutions should do such useful work for society when necessary. Our government decided to celebrate ‘Uttar Pradesh Day’ at the suggestion of then-Governor Ram Naik and on that day, the ‘one district, one product’ scheme was also launched, ”said the BJP leader. He said that if educational institutions are integrated with the “one district, one product” program, the work will be available to everyone.

Adityanath said that Uttar Pradesh has the ability to fulfill the dream of a self-sufficient India and turn the country into a $ 5 trillion economy.

“For this, educational institutions will have to be connected with the public and they will have to be vocal for the locals. In addition to creating a link with the ‘one district, one product’ scheme, young people should be aware of government policies, “he added.

Adityanath also said that educational institutions should provide technical support in the field of crafts.

Addressing the program, Senior Deputy Minister Dinesh Sharma said that Lucknow University’s century-long journey has been memorable.

He said that the state government has provided funds for the comprehensive development of the university and the strengthening of the infrastructure for quality education.

Lucknow University Vice Chancellor Professor Alok Kumar Rai said the opening of the university’s centennial celebrations by the prime minister is a sign of his commitment to higher education and institutes of higher education.


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