“Boskiyana”, a new book in Hindi, brings out the personality of the veteran poet-lyricist through detailed conversations.

New book peeks into Gulzar’s life, philosophies – books

Some of Gulzar’s most defining interviews and free conversations compiled over the past thirty years have reached readers in the form of a new book.

“Boskiyana,” a new book in Hindi, highlights the personality of the veteran poet and lyricist through detailed conversations and opens readers to his thoughts and worldview, said editor Radhakrishna Prakashan.

The 228-page book, which navigates Gulzar’s life through his movies, poetry, philosophies, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, has been edited by Yashwant Vyas.

“It has been a three-decade gathering of immersing oneself in the effervescence of Gulzar Saheb, the poet, philosopher, filmmaker and charismatic soul,” Vyas said of the book.

“Boskiyana ‘brings together his philosophy of life where history finds comfort in the arms of the moment,” he added.

Gulzar said the book shares the same name, ‘Boskiyana’, as his home in Mumbai.

“Vyas is truly a magician, he understands me even before I speak, he knows all my expressions and can even guess my thoughts,” said Gulzar, 86, according to a statement.

The book took six years to form, according to Ashok Maheshwari, managing director of Rajkamal Prakashan, whose Radhakrishna Prakashan imprint has published “Boskiyana.”

“I had suggested to Gulzar Saheb that all of his interviews should be consolidated into one book, and he agreed. Yashwant Vyas ji took on this task and completed it in six years. In the book you will find ‘Gulzariyat’ and ‘Boskiyana’ to understand Gulzar’s life and work, ”he said.

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