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Mayawati 1995 guesthouse attack case withdrawal statement samajwadi party

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Mayawati accuses SP of being anti-Dalit

Accusing the Samajwadi Party of being anti-Dalit, Bahujan Samaj Party Chairman Mayawati admitted on Thursday that dropping the case related to the attack on the state guest house against her in 1995 was a “mistake” on her part. In a press release, Mayawati said that she had signed an alliance with the SP in 2019, setting aside the acrimony of the June 2, 1995 incident. “Akhilesh kept telling Satish Chandra Mishra to drop the case from the guesthouse. , which I did. The BSP fully supported the SP candidates in the Lok Sabha elections, but we did not get their votes, “he said.

He added that the seven lawmakers who had betrayed the party were being suspended from the party. She had previously said: “In vidhayakon ko party se nikal diya hai. (These community members have been expelled from the party).”

Party sources said the suspensions were carried out after a legal opinion was taken.

The suspended legislators are Aslam Chaudhary, Aslam Raini, Muztaba Siddiqui, Hakam Lal Bind, Govind Jatav, Sushma Jatav and Vandana Singh.

Mayawati said that as soon as these MLAs violate the anti-desertion law, disqualification petitions will be filed against them.

Mayawati also announced that she would avenge the damage done to her party in the upcoming legislative council elections.

“We will ensure the defeat of the SP candidate in the council elections. I want to tell Akhilesh that they had also divided our party in 2003 and then were ousted from power in 2007 by the people,” he said, adding that Akhilesh would bite the dust on the next elections to the Assembly.

Speaking about the drama during the Rajya Sabha elections, he said that Mishra had spoken with SP deputy Ram Gopal Yadav and asked if his party would present another candidate, but he said that the party would not present the second candidate.

“It was after this that we decided to present our own candidate so that our members are not open to negotiate with other candidates. But SP sent an industrialist at the last minute, betraying them,” he said.

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