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Maharashtra to form fact finding committee to look into IDOL online exam fiasco – education

Weeks after the Institute for Open and Distance Learning (IDOL) exams were interrupted and eventually postponed due to technical failures, the Maharashtra education department has decided to set up a research committee with technical experts to investigate the matter.

In a press conference held virtually Saturday, Maharashtra’s Minister of Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant claimed that the incident in the first week of October that left thousands of IDOL students anxious and unable to sit for their final exams of the year left the students more stressed.

“Students who were already stressed out from exams were put under more stress due to technical errors and now they will have to retake for all exams. These issues cannot be ignored, and the inquiry committee will delve into this issue and present a report on it as soon as possible, ”Samant said.

He added that the committee will bring together two director of education level officials along with a technical expert and the committee will be ready to begin work on November 10. “This committee will present a report based on its findings within a month,” he added.

In the first week of October, after postponing three exams in a week for students in the distance education wing of the University of Mumbai, he announced the postponement of all IDOL exams. About 9,000 TYBCom and TYBA students were unable to complete their work on three consecutive days due to “technical failures.” The university eventually blacklisted the previous service provider, Little MORE Innovation Labs, and replaced it with a new exam software company to take the exams again.

Samant further stressed that based on the report presented by the research committee, it will also be decided whether such companies should be blacklisted by all state universities in the future.

Meanwhile, all state universities have been asked to not only finalize the announcement of results for the second week of November, but also to ensure that student grade sheets are released by the end of November.

In a meeting held on Friday between the state minister of higher and technical education, Uday Samant, together with the rectors of all state universities, it was decided to form two separate expert committees, one to discuss the implementation of the National Education Policy ( NEP) and another to suggest amendments to the Maharashtra Public Universities Act (2016). “These committees will go to work immediately and have been asked to report back to the government within a month,” Samant said.


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