Ladakh hikes education budget to Rs 871 crores - education

Ladakh hikes education budget to Rs 871 crores – education

The Ladakh administration has multiplied its education budget to 871 million rupees, an official said on Saturday.

This was revealed during the Multidisciplinary Integrated Professional Advancement Training Program for Teachers (IMPACT) for Ladakh teachers chaired by Lieutenant Governor RK Mathur.

“A budget of 871 million rupees has been allocated to Ladakh’s education sector during the current year, representing a multiple increase over previous years,” said Commissioner Secretary Ajeet Kumar Sahu.

He said there will be a rapid expansion of the education sector in Ladakh.

Addressing the meeting, the Lieutenant Governor stated that health, education, and infrastructure are the three fundamental pillars for any state or UT to prosper economically. He said that when it comes to education, there is a clear understanding of the future requirements and needs of Ladakh students and parents and the UT administration is committed to meeting it.

He said that in the last year, the UT administration has initiated steps to improve school infrastructure, launched a career portal and a helpline for students, conducted teacher training, etc.

The Lieutenant Governor said that teacher training is an important aspect of school education and highlighted the need for teachers to be good academically with the right pedagogy, skills and attitude to provide the best education for students.

He stated that teachers can bring fundamental changes in the education sector.

Mathur also pointed to concerns expressed by parents and political leaders about falling enrollment rates, Internet connectivity and educational standards in public schools, which has been one of the reasons for the migration from the countryside to the city.

Referring to the new educational policy, the Lieutenant Governor highlighted the need to provide education to children in their family, social, economic and natural environment to ensure better learning and innovative aptitude.

He said the administration will make every effort to streamline the educational system in Ladakh.


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