Kerala varsity cancels B-Tech 3rd semester exam.

Kerala varsity cancels B-Tech 3rd semester exam after it finds cheating by students – education

Kerala University of Technology (KTU) canceled the state-wide Technology B third semester exam on Saturday after it found that students using mobile phones were cheating massively during the exam, sources said.

University sources noted that the third-semester students’ math test that took place on Thursday was canceled after there were complaints that the answers were shared through the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Neglect was reported by five universities in various districts during the third semester examination of the document ‘Linear Algebra and Complex Analysis’.

The decision was made by the university union’s exam subcommittee after considering a preliminary report submitted by exam controller KR Kiran, the university’s vice-chancellor S Ayub told reporters.

A statement released by the KTU said that some students brought mobile phones into the exam room exploiting the COVID-19 health protocol.

“This is a serious matter and strict measures will be taken,” Ayub said.

University officials have also confiscated many mobile phones from some candidates and plan to file a police report.


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