Karnataka COVID-19 panel against reopening schools in December – education

The Technical Advisory Committee for COVID-19 in Karnataka recommended to the state government not to reopen schools in December ahead of the key meeting of Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Monday to take a call on the matter.

“After extensive deliberation, it was unanimously resolved not to reopen the schools in December, the minutes of the 52nd COVID-19 Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting held on Sunday said.

The COVID-19 scenario will be reviewed in the last week of December to consider the reopening of schools at an appropriate time thereafter, he said, adding that this recommendation was for the government’s consideration in the broader public interest of the state.

Schools have been closed since March, when the nationwide lockdown was first enforced to combat COVID-19.

The minutes of the meeting, led by President Dr. MK Sudarshan, said that the current COVID-19 scenario in the state was trending downward with around 1,700 cases and 20 deaths reported daily.

It was important to consolidate the gains made after great efforts in the past eight months to contain the disease in the state, said the panel, noting the increase or resurgence of cases in Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat, Rajasthan and others.

Additionally, the months of December and January due to winter are cold and conducive to the occurrence and spread of respiratory infections, including COVID-19, he said, adding that the epidemiological perspective based on a state survey conducted in September is that there may be a rebound of cases in districts with low prevalence.

Chief Minister Yediyurappa and Minister of Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar will meet Monday with the Department of Education and other government officials to discuss reopening the schools.

The government has also received suggestions from parents, health committee officials and education experts, and other interested parties.

Before the meeting, Yediyurappa said, “After taking note of the opinion expressed in the meeting, gathering everyone’s suggestions, we will make a decision. We will discuss and let you know the result. “” The schools had to open in June, six months have passed.

There are various opinions such as not opening schools, opening for selective classes. Also, public school students in rural areas do not benefit from online classes, ”said Kumar.

There were also social problems that came up with reports of child labor and child marriages, he said.

Graduate, graduate, graduate and engineering faculties reopened in the state on November 17 with preventive measures for COVID-19, but student attendance so far is said to be very poor.


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