Junior colleges await Maharashtra education department nod for online classes – ht school

Following the second Freshman College Merit List (FYJC) released Saturday, the city’s colleges are preparing to begin online classes for students in the coming weeks.

Based on admissions standards set by the department of education, colleges can begin their classes after assigning 75% of their total seats.

While most colleges reopen after meeting this requirement each year, this time they are awaiting a nod from the education department as the admissions process has been delayed due to the pandemic and classes will be held. online only.

Admissions in the second round will be completed on December 9.

“We are ready to start classes when the department gives us the green signal. This year, due to the Covid-19 situation and the resulting lockdown, there has already been a delay of about four months in admissions. We hope that online classes will start soon, ”said Satram Verhani, deputy principal of CHM College, Ulhasnagar.

After the first two lists, the city’s top universities have been able to fill more than 80% of their total vacancies. Principals said the sooner the department gives them the go-ahead, the better they can plan their instructional plans for FYJC.

“The department also needs to clarify what the academic calendar should look like for these students. It is not possible to squeeze all the exams and curriculum in the remaining months. The universities so far are not clear on the issue, “said the director of a suburban university.

A senior official in the state department of education said: “Universities can begin their classes once they complete the required number of admissions.”

As of November 2, the department started online classes for FYJC students after a delay in starting universities due to the provisional stay in Maratha’s quota in jobs and education. So far, the department’s YouTube channel has garnered more than 1.42 lakh from subscribers across the state.


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