JNU professors urge President Kovind to look into ‘irregularities’ in recruitment process – education

Eight professors from Jawaharlal Nehru University have written to President Ram Nath Kovind alleging irregularities in the appointment process at the Faculty of Physical Sciences.

They urged Kovind, who is the visitor to the university, to step in and keep all the appointments in question “on hold.”

“We bring to your kind attention the serious violation of ethics and procedures that has occurred during the recent round of recruitment related to the College of Physical Sciences,” the letter read. For example, a candidate selected for the teaching position does not have the required experience, they claimed. In another case, a person selected for the associate professor position was not shortlisted by the selection committee, the letter said. “We pray that the aforementioned appointments will be held on hold until all aspects of the conduct and outcome of the selection process, including if the best available candidates were selected and if the outside subject matter experts on the selection committee were qualified to to judge significantly the quality of research in the relevant areas of specialization are analyzed by a committee of prominent physicists and astrophysicists ”, he added.

Calls and texts to JNU VC Jagadesh Kumar went unanswered.


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