IIT KGP devices AI-based system to inspect quality of MSME goods – education

Researchers at IIT Kharagpur have developed a wearable device based on Artificial Intelligence for the automatic inspection of products made at MSMEs, an institute spokesperson said on Thursday.

The innovation will greatly benefit micro, small and medium-sized companies, which rely on manual verification and incur losses when an entire batch is rejected if some samples turn out to be defective during random inspections, he said.

The wearable device will click on product images when installed in a batch of products and send the information to artificial intelligence-based software for quality control, the spokesperson said.

The research team, consisting of Professors Surjya K Pal and Debashish Chakravarty, Technical Staff Pravanjan Nayak, and Intern Ayan Banerjee from the Jalpaiguri Government School of Engineering, has filed a patent for the system, which will be available for use by MSMEs to license the technology, he said.

“MSMEs are mainly based on manual inspection, in which some samples are randomly selected and controlled on the basis of which the entire batch is accepted or rejected. This is ineffective and increases the cost of production.

“Our system can inspect each product in a batch at low cost. Automation is one of the key aspects of digitization and also the need of the moment, ”said Professor Pal, who heads the institute’s Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

The MSMEs sector, which employs more than 10 billion people in the country and contributes nearly 30 percent of India’s GDP and 50 percent of export earnings, is still outside the realm of adoption. on an industrial scale of artificial intelligence and machine learning, he added.


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