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IIMs can act as bridge between local products, global collaborations: PM Modi – education

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIM) can act as a bridge between local products and global collaborations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday.

Prime Minister Modi said this while laying the foundation stone for the permanent campus of IIM-Sambalpur, Odisha via video conference today.

“Our IIMs can act as a bridge between local products and global collaborations. Innovation, integrity and inclusion are the mantras of IIM Sambalpur ”, said Prime Minister Modi on the occasion.

The Prime Minister further stated that the location is perfect to become an educational center, with many institutes and colleges already existing in Sambalpur.

“The Hirakud Dam, Debrigarh Shrine and Sambalpuri Textile are giving Odisha tourism a new edge. This whole region is surrounded by small industries and this is like a living laboratory to promote the voice for the locals, “said Prime Minister Modi.

Sambalpur and its neighboring areas are known for their minerals, coal, gold and various gemstones and is India’s center of natural assets, he added.

“The innovative ideas of young people will make the Sambalpur region a great tourist destination in the future. I am confident that our IIMs will push from local to global with their alumni networks, “said Prime Minister Modi.

“Additive printing and 3D printing are giving a new advantage to the industrial production of our country. Digital connectivity has changed the world from a global village to a global workplace, ”said Prime Minister Modi.

The permanent campus of IIM Sambalpur will represent Odisha’s great heritage, said the Prime Minister.

“The startups of today are the multinational companies of tomorrow. Most startups are emerging in Tier II and III cities in the country. From the agricultural sector to the space sector, the reach of new companies is increasing, ”he added.

Emphasizing how opportunities lead to permanent solutions, he exemplified that due to the COVID-19-induced pandemic situation, India began manufacturing PPE kits and masks on a large scale.

“We have innovated and found long-term solutions. Management is not about managing large companies, it is about managing opportunities in real life, ”said PM Modi.

The Center has worked on a permanent solution for domestic gas coverage and covered 98 percent of the nation, the Prime Minister said.

“We also hired 10,000 new gas distributors,” he added.

“The expansion of gas connections is a management case study, in which we saw speed and, more importantly, we scaled 14 million gas connections in six years. India has more than 28 million million gas connections today. The gas connection is no longer a luxury, it is a basic necessity. 50 lakh from poor families in Odisha have received gas connections, ”he added.


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