IGNOU celebrates National Education Day, holds seminar on NEP 2020 – education

The IGNOU School of Education celebrated National Education Day this Wednesday by organizing a conference on “Importance of the National Education Day in light of the National Education Policy, 2020” through the virtual modality. The keynote address on the occasion was delivered by visiting professor-in-chief Ved Prakash, former UGC president. The presidential speech was delivered by Professor Nageshwar Rao, Vice Chancellor of IGNOU.

The main guest, Professor Ved Prakash, through his speech critically analyzed the new 2020 education policy and noted that the policy has made a couple of notable structural changes. He cautioned that implementation is the key and that the recommendations made in the policy document should be followed up. He thanked the NEP to talk about that all higher education institutions are ready with an institutional development plan by 2030 so that they can be multidisciplinary institutions by 2040. He recommended interdisciplinarity in higher education institutions.

He also discussed NEP’s recommendations regarding the establishment of research-intensive universities, teaching-intensive universities, and degree-granting colleges. By doubling the gross enrollment rate in higher education, he observed that the massification of higher education will not depend entirely on the strengthening of higher education but should be synergized with school education. He also referred to the need for the National Higher Education Qualifications Framework in NEP 2020.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nageshwar Rao, in his presidential speech said that the goal of reaching 50% of the GER cannot be achieved through the conventional mode of higher education and that Open and Distance Education would have to be prepared to achieve the goal set while providing relevant and quality education for employment. He also outlined IGNOU initiatives regarding integrated ODL and online education, which is an important dimension of NEP, 2020.

Professor D Venkateshwarlu, SOE Director said: “The National Education Policy 2020 is a 21st century policy that aims to address the many development imperatives of our country. This policy proposes the review and modernization of all aspects of education, including its structure, regulation and governance. It intends to create a new system that is aligned with the ambitious goals of 21st century education and SDG-4, to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and provide lifelong learning opportunities for all, while building on the traditions and values ​​of India. systems. He hopes that the deliberations will help all stakeholders to effectively implement NEP 2020.

He also thanked Prof. Nageshwar Rao, VC IGNOU for his support of the school’s initiatives.

Professor Satyakam, Pro-VC IGNOU, in his speech for the day, spoke about the cultural values ​​and aspects of India, which are an integral part of the new policy. Prof. RP Das, Pro-Vc IGNOU in his speech gave importance to the implementation part and said that a coordinated effort between the center and the states would be needed to realize its true potential.


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