Coding skills can place students in a privileged position as they will be the creators of innovative products.

HT Codeathon: Learning to code is the way forward – ht school

HT Codeathon: When it comes to preparing your children for the future, learning to code is the way to go. Encoding has always been thought of as a complicated string of numbers and characters that is almost impossible to weave into the systems and programs that govern our lives. This strange but mysterious form of magic seems valuable, if not necessary, in the 21st century. Learning to code helps our students develop academically, practice perseverance and organizational skills that can translate into a career, and strengthens the digital literacy of our young minds.

Initiatives like HT Code-a-thon prepare our students for a future that relies heavily on digital tools and thus makes the teaching and learning process at SMGS future-proof. One of the biggest benefits of teaching coding in the classroom is teaching critical thinking skills. Help our students visualize abstract concepts. Coding outcomes that we can expect to see in our children as they learn to code are problem solving skills, creativity, algorithmic, sequential, and computational thinking skills.

The benefits of learning to code extend beyond the technical skills of learning the language of computers. It also helps our students’ agile minds better understand the technology around them, as well as expand their creativity by teaching them how to use technology in their own way. Steve Jobs famously said: “Everyone should learn to program a computer because it teaches you to think.” While everyone immediately reaps the benefits of such classes, we often overlook the myriad of social skills that these types of classes teach our children.

Children learn a broad set of skills, competencies, behaviors, attitudes, and personal qualities that enable children to navigate their environment, work well with others, and achieve their goals. Whether we are fighting climate change or going into space, everything is done by computers and we don’t have enough people who can code. Teaching young people to code from the beginning can help build skills and confidence and energize the classroom with hands-on learning opportunities. If you haven’t started yet, now is the time to embrace encryption.

Sheena Kalenga, Principal, St Mark’s Girls Sr Sec School, Meera Bagh

As technology has become the cornerstone of today’s world, new avenues have opened for students to excel. Schools across the country are doing their best to provide their students with broad exposure to the technological innovations that are occurring so that they are well equipped to meet the challenges of the future. Code-A-Thon, an initiative of the Hindustan Times, is a step in that direction.

The program will give our students a definite edge and allow them to unlock their creative potential. The coding skills they learn through this initiative will put them in a unique position, as they will not be consumers but creators of innovative products. I am excited about the potential of this initiative for my students, many of whom have already embraced the mysterious and exciting world of technology. I congratulate the Hindustan Times and wish them well.

Vandana Chawla, Principal, New Era Public School, Mayapuri

CODE-A-THON, a Coding Olympiad was started by the Hindustan Times at St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. College. I, Charvi Mathur from VII-A, signed up for this event after the recommendation of the school. I was lucky to sign up and take advantage of the opportunity the school gave me for the pompadour. It made me learn the basics of programming, namely HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is made up of several modules along with intermediate quizzes and chapter quizzes at the end of each chapter or module. Each module has been created in such a way that it continues to encourage me to learn the code alongside the theoretical concepts. I loved doing level after level. It was an interesting and inspiring way to learn useful things. It taunted my brain and I felt fixed underneath This has also strengthened my confidence in myself. I am grateful to St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. School for giving me this wonderful exhibition.

Charvi Mathur, Class VII-A, St. Mark’s Girls Sr. Sec. School, Meera Bagh

I’m Soni Gulati, a student in class 7 at New Era Public School. I participated in the HT Codeathon during quarantine, and I must say it was a lot of fun! Coding has become an essential skill to learn these days. It is one of the most common but complex skills to take advantage of, which in the long term offers a wealth of career opportunities. With all the free time and extra energy I had, I was able to learn a lot about the different languages ​​through the workshop. Thanks to this HT initiative, I now feel extremely confident in my abilities to create a website, a video game, maybe even an application. I would like to thank my school and the creators of the Codeathon for providing me with this wonderful opportunity and an experience that will help me in the future.

Soni Gulati, Class 7, New Era Public School, Mayapuri


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