Most of the skill sets required for current jobs will soon be obsolete but coding is still a growing skill

HT Codeathon: Coding need of the hour in today’s digital era – ht school

As a team of innovative educators, we have always taken initiatives to promote the culture of enhancing the diverse technical skills in students. Goenkans always have autonomy to explore, speak, think, try, imagine, make decisions, relax, face challenges, invent, discover, learn and, above all, be themselves. We expose children to countless activities and try to recognize those toward which the child naturally gravitates.

Our school firmly believes that in this competitive digital age, coding is the need of the moment, as it helps young people to seek solutions to complex problems in a simpler way, improving their cognitive, computing, problem solving and thinking skills. logical. In fact, coding requires the student to be persistent and resilient.

Coding is the language that is best suited to the needs of future generations, not only ensuring that they are creative and adaptable, but it also makes learning a fun-filled activity.

Coding is about creating something new. By capturing the ability to code, students learn to make the best use of their creativity and come up with their own innovative ideas for solving problems. We are pleased to be a part of HT Codeathon, which provides a versatile platform for students to motivate themselves and learn to code. From then on, they will have the opportunity to show their talents as innovative coders. We appreciate the fact that in these unprecedented times, when education is going through a phase of transition, HT has stepped forward to channel the creativity and caliber of young Goenkans in a meaningful direction. We sincerely hope that all Codeathon applicants will perform well and learn the lessons of life. Coding is paramount in today’s context and is a skill set that is required for students to be successful in the 21st century. It is a skill set that is essential to being successful not just in school or career, but beyond, as there are many opportunities available to programmers in today’s scenario. Most of the skill sets required for today’s jobs would be obsolete in a few years and coding remains a growing skill with emerging opportunities. Learning coding at a young age will allow students to prepare for jobs that don’t even exist in today’s market scenario.

Rima C Ailawadi (Photo HT)

Rima C Ailawadi, Principal, GD Goenka Public School, Model Town

‘Coding is a 21st century skill’

The 2020 National Education Policy aims to make coding the future generation skill for students that will be most required in jobs. Incorporating coding will result in the creation of a ‘Digital Education Ecosystem’. Coding is a 21st century skill and all students must be familiar with it from early childhood to have an impact in bridging the gap between digital literacy and affordability. The goal of encoding is to foster creativity and imagination in young minds; instill skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and leadership, and much-required life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, leadership, communication, and collaboration. HT Codeathon will help children compete and learn at the same time. The webinar dedicated to coding was fruitful because they were able to explain to parents and students in detail about the coding program. Our world today is being shaped by AI, from Edtech to Foodtech, LegalTech and AgriTech. Coding helps make every unit of a child’s brain flourish, be it logical thinking, integration of art, or analytical thinking. It allows children to enter the world of new age technology. It is important that all students embrace “coding” in all its glory.

Dr. Sudha Acharya

Dr. Sudha Acharya (Photo HT)

Dr. Sudha Acharya, Principal, ITL Public School, Dwarka

Coding is fast becoming the “language of the future.” Just as a child’s brain picks up on and integrates different nuances of a new language, one can easily learn to code with the right guidance and training. The trick is to start early. Building those early brain circuits not only enhances the natural tendency of language and logic, but also lays a solid foundation for future knowledge. HT Codeathon is a great coding platform for students to show skills and learn to code. The school teachers also motivate the students with zeal. Coding promotes algorithmic thinking, encourages creativity in a fun way, and makes children feel confident in solving problems. Additionally, students also learn to create things, put math into action, and instill skills like collaboration, communication, and leadership. Encryption has many benefits. Gives a tremendous boost to a child’s creative thinking.

Neelam roy

Neelam Roy (Photo HT)

Neelam Roy, HOD (IT), ITL Public School, Dwarka

Codeathon is a wonderful initiative to help students not only learn and apply coding, but also develop some life-enhancing skills. Coding helps students understand how programming technology works and how and where it is applied in today’s world. It also helps us improve our technical capacity. Coding creates skills that develop our cognitive thinking. Developing our problem solving skills, increasing our thinking ability, and helping us sharpen our minds are some of its many benefits. We can also consider it as a new subject different from the subjects we study at school. It also helps us think logically, which prepares our minds to think structurally and analytically. I look forward to attending the Codeathon classes

Long live bangia

Vivaan Bangia (Photo HT)

Vivaan Bangia, Class 9, GD Goenka Public School, Model City


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