Coding skills can place students in a privileged position in the 21st century as they will be able to create innovative products

HT Codeathon: Coding a vital skill set for 21st century – ht school

Our goal is to nurture people with core values ​​and multivalent skills. He has made a strong impact on the educational scene with his unique philosophy and futuristic thinking. He took the initiative and started two robust programs to introduce artificial intelligence into the existing curriculum.

A dynamic virtual reality laboratory encourages young thinkers to explore new areas of technology. A well-equipped Tab-lab also enhances the quest to combine daily classes with a three-dimensional teaching aid. I am grateful to HT for launching Codeathon, which gives students at an early age the opportunity to develop and excel in their coding skill set, which is essential for success in the 21st century. It helps them improve their logical, critical, analytical and reasoning aptitude, facilitates creativity and perseverance.

Coding is the new literacy and HT Codeathon ensures that students consume technology and understand what controls it. We are proud to announce that the school was recognized by Google as one of three schools in India that have successfully used Google Classroom effectively to run the online school session from Kindergarten to Class 12.

In accordance with NEP 2020, the school has also started an interesting and challenging coding module for all students from elementary school onwards. The support provided by HT in the form of Codeathon is a very welcome program. Through this innovative initiative, HT has trained students in this basic computer skill.

Meenakshi Bhakuni (Photo HT)

My GD Goenka school, Vasant Kunj, introduced us to HT Code A Thon, a training program and a championship in one. The program encourages and trains students to code through videos and webinars that are very informative and prepare us for the world of coding. I have been running this marathon for 3 weeks and it has been an exhilarating, enlightening and immensely informed journey. While I can learn coding techniques through languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, and Java Script that aid in website development, I also participate in healthy competition with other students. This has allowed me not only to learn and hone my skills, but also to instill an entrepreneurial spirit to fight and achieve the ultimate goal: winning the codeathon championship. In today’s competitive landscape, where students need to adapt to the changing global scenario, coding opens up a wealth of opportunities. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and hone our coding skills. I thank my GD Goenka teachers, Vasant Kunj, and the HT group for helping us explore our full potential through the magical coding process.

Saanvi Punita Chhabra

Saanvi Punita Chhabra (Photo HT)

Participating in code-a-thon was a great experience for me. After a few months of coding I realized how much fun it is. Learning how to make websites and programs is very interesting. I’ve finished 5 chapters of coding so far and it was a lot of fun. I am very happy that I had this opportunity to code-a-thon, I have learned a lot from these interactive videos. Coding has many advantages as it helps develop problem solving skills, making websites broadens your creativity, improves math skills, presentation skills, etc. By coding, I have learned to create websites and programs. It was very productive, fun but knowledgeable to do.

Anuva Khanna

Anuva Khanna (Photo HT)

Code-a-thon is a great platform to explore new things. The concepts are well explained. It provides not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. I learned HTML, CSS and JavaScript and enjoyed my course. The videos covered all the details and are easy to understand. The content of the coding is very well organized so I can also do all the project work. Coding is the language of the future and learning to code not only opens windows to a whole new world, but also increases confidence. I thank Code-a-thon for the curriculum. I have qualified for the next level and have passed the course quiz. Eagerly waiting to explore the next level.

Atharva Kapoor

Atharva Kapoor (Photo HT)


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