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HC dismisses plea challenging appointment of IIMC Director General – education

The Delhi High Court dismissed a statement challenging the appointment of the new Director General (DG) of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC), saying there were no bad faith allegations and it does not wish to interfere with the wisdom of experts.

Judge Jyoti Singh said the petition was without merit and that the expert committee with knowledge of the matter was better equipped to decide whether Sanjay Dwivedi met the requirements of the advertisement issued for the position.

The higher court order came in a petition alleging that Dwivedi did not have the required minimum experience of 25 years when he was selected for the position.

He noted that his candidacy was first examined by the high-powered Search and Selection Committee which issued its recommendation on February 24, followed by approval by the Cabinet Appointments Committee.

“It cannot be denied that the committee that carried out the selection would have examined the eligibility and merit of respondent No. 3 (Dwivedi) before making the recommendation.

“The committee made up of experts in the field with knowledge of the subject was better equipped to decide whether respondent No. 3 met the requirements of the announcement. In the absence of allegations of bad faith, it is not for this Court to interfere with the wisdom of the experts, ”the higher court said in its 31-page verdict.

The judge said she would also echo the observations of a higher court division court in another case that the courts have a limited role to play in examining the recommendations of expert selection committees and that it is prudent and safe to leave the decision to academics and experts in the field.

The petitioner, Ashutosh Mishra, had told the court that Dwivedi obtained a bachelor’s degree only in 1995 and his years of work experience must be counted thereafter.

Therefore, you will have 25 years of work experience for December this year alone, but you were selected for the position much earlier, the statement said.

The petitioner’s attorney had said that a bachelor’s degree was needed to work in the media field or as a journalist and no pre-degree job can be considered.

IIMC had told the superior court that a bachelor’s degree was not an obligation to work in the media or film field and the job announcement said that work experience must be in the journalism / media / film fields and Dwivedi meets the criteria . .

Dwivedi’s appointment to the position was announced on July 1 and he took over the office on July 13.

Regarding the petitioner’s claim that Dwivedi was appointed as a reader without meeting the required qualifications, the court noted that Mishra has already submitted a petition to the Jabalpur High Court challenging the appointment as a reader at a Bhopal university.

“In view of this, the petitioner does not have the possibility to attack said designation in the present petition. For all the above-mentioned reasons, I do not find any merit in this petition and consequently it is rejected, ”said Judge Singh.


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