Gujarat education dept to prepare SOPs for schools, colleges - education

Gujarat education dept to prepare SOPs for schools, colleges – education

Before making a final decision on the reopening of schools and universities in Gujarat, the state education department will prepare a set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that students and authorities must follow in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Education Minister Bhupendrasing Chudasama held an urgent meeting with department officials on Thursday and asked them to start preparing standard operating procedures for educational institutions.

From now on, the state government plans to open standards 9-12 schools, colleges and universities, although a final decision on the issue is pending, he told reporters in Gandhinagar.

“To reopen Standards 9-12 schools and universities, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had asked my department to prepare the SOPs.

“I had called an urgent meeting on the matter and asked my officials to prepare the SOPs. After consulting with various stakeholders, we will finalize standard operating procedures in the next 2-3 days, ”said Chudasama.

Those interested include vice-chancellors from different universities and people associated with the management of the schools.

Officials will consult with them via video conferencing and prepare standard operating procedures to reopen schools and universities amid the coronavirus outbreak, Chudasama said.

“Once the SOPs are prepared, CM Vijay Rupani and Senior Deputy Minister Nitin Patel, in consultation with the departments of education and health, will make a final decision on the reopening of schools and universities.

“They would also decide on opening schools for standards 1 to 8,” Chudasama said.

Schools and universities in Gujarat have been closed since the end of March in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting closure.

Currently, students attend classes online.

Last month, Chudasama had given indications that the government is considering reopening schools and colleges.

“It has been six months since schools closed due to the coronavirus. We have to reopen them one day.

“But the state government will not make such a crucial decision on its own,” Chudasama said last month.

During a performance in Ahmedabad on Thursday morning, Chudasama said the government plans to “physically open schools and universities in the next few days.”


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