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Government allows ICRISAT Hyderabad to use drones for agricultural research – education

The government has allowed the Hyderabad-based International Institute for Crop Research (ICRISAT) to use drones for agricultural research activities, an official statement said Monday.

By granting the institute a “conditional” exemption from some of the applicable rules for the deployment of drones, the Ministry of Civil Aviation said the institute can collect data for agricultural research activities within ICRISAT’s research field using piloted aircraft systems. remotely or drones.

The exemption is valid for six months from the date of issuance of the permit or until the full operation of the Digital Sky Platform (Phase-1), whichever occurs first, the statement said, adding that the exemption will be valid only if it is meet all conditions and limitations. are strictly enforced.

“Drones are poised to play an important role in India’s agricultural sector, especially in areas such as precision agriculture, locust control and improving crop yields. The government is encouraging young entrepreneurs and researchers to seek robust low-cost drone solutions for villages over 6.6 lakh in India, ”said the statement quoted by Amber Dubey, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.


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