DU mulls four-year UG programmes again, teachers raise concerns - education

DU mulls four-year UG programmes again, teachers raise concerns – education

The University of Delhi (DU) is again considering four-year undergraduate courses as part of the implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP), 2020, officials said on Thursday.

However, teachers’ associations have raised objections and argued that the University was trying to push through NEP without “broader consultation.”

The university had formed a committee in September to formulate guidelines for the implementation of NEP 2020. According to university professors, committee members had received an email last week about courses to add to their guidelines, including the four years. undergraduate courses. DU had introduced the Four-Year Undergraduate Program (FYUP) in 2014. It was scrapped by the government after massive protests by students and teachers the same year.

The Democratic Teachers Front (DTF), a teaching body at DU, issued a statement Thursday saying that a proposed plan shared with committee members included several “objectionable” points, including, “Honors courses will become majors in four years. Students will not earn an honors degree in three years. Language courses and smaller departments that do not offer honors courses will close. And, if students choose to exit the course after the 1st and 2nd years , they will obtain a certificate and a diploma, respectively ”.

Several university professors said that DU would repeat the same mistakes when implementing four-year undergraduate programs. “It is regrettable to note that the University of Delhi has not learned the lessons from its colossal failure in the past, especially in academic reforms. The NEP is just a repeat of the FYUP in many ways. DU should not hastily implement these decisions without consulting teachers and students, ”said Nandita Narain, DTF president and associate professor at St Stephen’s College.

DU dean of universities and spokesperson Balram Pani said the committee has not yet formulated guidelines to share with teachers and students. “DU is considering introducing four-year UG programs as NEP 2020 advocates for these courses. But the university will not implement anything without consulting the professors. Once the committee presents its report on how to implement the NEP, we will send it to teachers and make it public so that students can consult it more widely, ”he said.

In early November, JNU had formed a committee to implement the NEP and said it could also introduce four-year undergraduate courses.

DU Teachers Association (DUTA) President Rajib Ray issued a statement saying: “It is extremely unfortunate that instead of focusing on the best way to reach students during the pandemic, they are being crushed the politics. The DUTA will hold its executive meeting early next week to discuss this matter. “


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