People teaching needy students of government-run primary schools in their homes during the pandemic times

Doctors, housewives teach needy govt primary school kids in UP – education

Calls by officials for community engagement to help students in government-run elementary and upper elementary schools who lack the tools to access electronic content for studies during the pandemic are beginning to have an impact.

In Prayagraj, an Ayurvedic doctor and a housekeeper are among several citizens who have opened their homes and are dedicating their own time and resources to teach these children every day throughout the week.

Take, for example, students enrolled in a government-run upper secondary English elementary school in Andawa, in the district’s Bahadurpur development block. In search of opportunities during these difficult times of the pandemic, the school principal and member of the State Resource Group (SRG), Vandana Srivastava, asked the parents of students enrolled in her school in the WhatsApp group to help in the education of students and asked them to teach children who do not have smartphones and other tools necessary to conduct online studies at home.

These parents became members of the Educational Motivation Committee and were provided with information about Prerna Goal, E-school, Online Teaching, Deeksha App, etc. They were also explained the ways in which they could support the children’s education. And it worked, shared Vandana Srivastava.

Following the initiative, more than half a dozen parents have begun teaching poor children living at home for an hour a day. Ayurvedic doctor Tribhuvan Singh Kushwaha, whose three daughters study at this school, is one of them.

“Now I am teaching half a dozen children from different classes in my house. Every day, I guide them and make sure they complete their daily lessons according to the weekly schedule listed on the school’s WhatsApp group and that they understand the basics, ”added Tribhuwan, calling it a highly self-fulfilling endeavor.

Shailendra Gupta, a local woman who works for a private company, is also teaching four children, while housewife Durga Sharma guides ten of those children in her home. Preetam and Ragini Sahu, Priya Bind and Tanu Pandey also participate in this noble work. “This is really a positive development and we are urging more and more people to reach out and extend their helping hand in this mission,” said Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) of Prayagraj Sanjay Kumar Kushwaha.


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