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Dilip Ghosh warning TMC cadres mend ways or visit hospital crematorium West Bengal Midnapore rally

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Repair your roads or you’ll have to go to the crematorium: Dilip Ghosh for TMC paintings

The chairman of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s West Bengal unit, Dilip Ghosh, said on Sunday that his party would “restore democracy” to the state if it voted for power, warning TMC cadres to make amends or they would have to visit a hospital. or a crematorium. Addressing a rally in the town of Haldia in the East Midnapore district, Dilip Ghosh said the Center will ensure free and fair assembly elections in the state, likely to be held in April-May next year.

“I want to ensure that the central government is with all of you. The Center will guarantee free and fair assembly elections in the state. People will be able to extirpate their democratic right without any fear,” Ghosh said.

He said the days of the TMC government are numbered.

“The assembly votes would not take place with the state police but in the presence of the central forces. The TMC cadres that have not yet been amended and continue to torture ordinary people should be rectified in the next six months. If they do not do so. ,, your hands, legs and ribs will break and

he will have to go to hospital, “Ghosh said.

“If they still carry on their antics, they will have to go to the crematorium,” he added.

The TMC said Ghosh was vitiating the state’s political atmosphere.

“These kinds of statements show that the BJP is trying to unleash a reign of terror and vitiate the political atmosphere of the state before the assembly elections. The people of the state would give them an appropriate response,” said Saugata Roy, a senior leader. of the TMC and a deputy.

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