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Delhi University students enter college life virtually – education

Despite no fancy celebrations for orientation day for thousands of Delhi University freshmen, the COVID-19 pandemic was still unable to curb the excitement surging on the first day of college.

While universities remain closed due to the pandemic, the new academic session for rookies began on Wednesday after a delay of more than four months.

“Every year when I used to read in the papers about the first day at DU, I almost felt like a welcome on the red carpet. I had plans for what I will wear the first day, what my first campus photo will be like. All of this was done online. This is the new normal and we have no choice but to adapt, ”said Sonakshi Tyagi, a fresh student at Gargi College.

Maitreyi college students had an online orientation session that was broadcast live.

“It was very different from what my seniors or my older sister had as their first day of college, but still the emotion was the same. I felt sad, but this is how the world works right now, ”said Shrutika, a political science student.

Each year, the first day of college is typically marked by a warm welcome with flowers, cafeteria interactions with seniors, and orientation day celebrations.

Puran Bisht, a university student from Shivaji, said: “It’s not like you are going to interact with 20 people and make friends for the rest of your lives. It was the same feeling of being home and attending classes. “Hindu College, Miranda House, St Stephen’s College, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Ramjas College and others have opted for an online orientation process that introduces students to officials university students, various societies and fellow students.

During orientation ceremonies, universities also emphasize the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of students.

Freshmen are also being introduced to college counselors and online sessions with these counselors are in the works.

The Delhi University Student Union (DUSU), which used to organize a welcoming campaign for newlyweds everywhere and used to distribute flowers and chocolates, has also planned interactive online sessions and events this year.

“Since students cannot attend university, we will contact them. Until last year, the experience of the first day was very different. We used to visit all the universities, meet students in societies, welcome them with chocolates and parties and meetings. But this year, we are planning to organize online events where students can participate as well, ”said Akshit Dahiya, president of DUSU.

More than 68,000 of the 70,000 undergraduate positions have been filled so far on five cut lists.

This year, the admissions process was completely online in light of the pandemic.

While the university was scheduled to release a special cut-off list for the remaining seats, the further admissions process has been postponed due to many university officials testing positive for coronavirus.


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