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Delhi HC slams CBSE for ‘anti-student attitude’, treating students as enemies – education

On Monday, the Delhi High Court criticized the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for its “anti-student attitude”, saying that it was “treating students as enemies” dragging them to the Supreme Court on certain matters.

A bench of Chief Justice DN Patel and Judge Prateek Jalan made the observation while listening to a statement presented by the Board challenging a single judge order, which said that the CBSE re-evaluation scheme for students whose exams of the board was canceled due to COVID-19 would apply to upgrade. candidates too.

“We do not like this anti-student attitude of the CBSE. You’re dragging the students to the Supreme Court. Should they be studying or going to court? We should start imposing costs on the CBSE. “They are treating the students as enemies,” the bank added. The bank further said that if the scheme applies to all breeding students, “what is the harm?” The sole judge had held on August 14 that the scheme approved by the Supreme Court to evaluate students due to the cancellation of CBSE exams in light of COVID-19 will also apply to students, who sat for the exams. improvement for being equal victims of the pandemic.

“There is no momentous emergency for me to come to court now with all guns burning,” the bank said, adding that the CBSE should have gone to the supreme court for clarification, rather than dragging the students to court. . The sole judge had said that, like regular students, those who took the improvement exams would also have the right to take advantage of the marks according to the evaluation scheme or take the optional exam as long as it is carried out by the CBSE.

The Aug. 14 order came on the back of a request from a student who took the CBSE class 12 exams in February-March last year and scored 95.25 percent.

Thereafter, to improve his score, he lowered a year and decided to reappear in Accounting, English Core, Economics, and Business Studies for an improvement exam this year.

While other exams were held as scheduled, the Business Studies exam, which was scheduled for March 24, was canceled due to the announced closure due to COVID-29.

The student, Sanyam Gupta, requested that his result in the improvement exams be declared and, in relation to the canceled Business Studies work, he be treated on a par with regular students for whom the high court approved an evaluation scheme . .

The superior court ordered the CBSE to issue a corrected grade sheet for the student.

After implementing the August 14 order and issuing a corrected grade sheet to Gupta, who, thereafter, was admitted to a Delhi University college on the basis of it, the CBSE has now challenged the decision. of the single judge.

Taking note of the facts and circumstances, the court said: “The challenged order has been implemented. The child has been admitted. Why should we upset the apple cart now? When CBSE’s attorney said the upgrade candidates had more opportunities under the reevaluation scheme compared to regular students, the court said it should have come to the attention of the supreme court when the scheme was approved.

However, the higher court issued a notice to the student and requested his response to the CBSE’s guilty plea.

“We will examine it now,” the bank told CBSE and listed the matter for its hearing on February 5, 2021.


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