Delhi High Court.(Mint file)

Delhi HC issues notice to Centre, IP University, others on plea challenging exams in physical mode – education

The Delhi High Court on Monday issued a notice to the Center, Guru Gobind Singh IP University and others about a petition challenging the physical mode of examinations for the BA LLB and BBA LLB programs.

A bank from the division of the Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan asked the Center, Guru Gobind Singh IP University, the Indian Council of Lawyers, the University Grants Commission, the Vivekananda Institute for Professional Studies, the Amity University in Noida and listed the matter for an additional hearing on November 12.

The court was hearing a petition filed by several students, including Sudhanshu Kathuria, through the Affinity Legal law firm, by attorneys Jahnvi Sharma and Paritosh Dhawan.

The petition challenged the notifications dated September 30 issued by the defendant by which he has ordered that the theoretical exams for the regular, reappearance, supplementary, mercy qua intermediate pairs of the BA LLB and BBA LLB programs be conducted in physical starting October 27. 2020.

“The subsequent notification of 10/20/2020 by which the date sheet of said exams is issued in physical mode and the notification of 10/22/2020 rescheduling the exams that will be carried out now from 11/02/2020. They violate the guidelines issued by the Commission for University Scholarships, the Ministry of the Interior, the Government of India regarding the performance of exams, ”the petition reads.

The petitioner has urged the court to set aside the notifications dated September 30 from the Respondent University ordering the conduct of physical exams; the October 20 notification is the proposed date sheet that intends to carry out examinations in physical format as of November 2 and the October 22 notification is contrary to the guidelines issued by the Central Government and the UGC.

“… as an alternative, in the event that a physical examination is carried out as provided in the press release of 09/06/2020 and the order of 05/10/2020, it will be carried out within of a reasonable period after the restoration of normality and reopening and operation of the university and its faculties after the lifting of the blockade and not necessarily within one month of the same as provided in said documents dated 06/09/2020 and 5 / 10/2020 ”, the petition reads.

The students who challenged the notification told the court that they have been conducting studies through the preferred mode of online and distance learning since the breakdown of COVID-19.

The notification issued by the defendant university violates the guidelines of the Home Office, the University Grants Commission and the Indian Bar Association, the petitioner said.

“That there are serious issues that need to be taken into account, such as off-station rented student accommodation, Covi-19 guidelines, isolation rooms, exam level taking into account the unprecedented global pandemic, online or offline exam mode lines and the financial burden on their families as the pandemic had caused layoffs, loss of income, loss of jobs and strains on family income across the country, in addition to the mental agony it was causing to students as a result of an overloaded curriculum. “The petition said.


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