Delhi govt e-learning contents getting global attention, being accessed from US, UK too: Sisodia – education

The e-learning content of Delhi government schools has gained global recognition with users from about 20 countries accessing it during the COVID-19 pandemic, Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia said on Monday.

“It is a source of pride for us that online classes from Delhi government school teachers are being accessed in approximately 20 countries, including the UK, the US, Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada. , The Philippines, Malaysia and Nepal, among others. “He said. Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s Minister of Education, said that with the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis that is wreaking havoc on the education system, schools have been completely closed since March.

“The Delhi government immediately took stock of the situation and designed a plan to minimize the loss of teaching and learning. Teachers then began online classes for government school students in classes 11 and 12. We have also introduced subject worksheets for students in classes KG to 10, ”he said in a statement.

With the success of these online classes and their equally engaging learning content, Sisodia said that it now serves as a new model for online education during the pandemic, not only domestically but also internationally.

The Delhi Government Education Directorate currently manages two YouTube channels entitled ‘Basic Academic Unit Class XII’ and ‘Basic Academic Unit Class XI’, which presents all e-learning content and lectures for high school students from Delhi Government Schools . The channel receives more than 7 billion viewers per week.

Currently, 16 courses are offered online that are taught by 132 teachers for students in Class XII. In September, Class XI of the Basic Academic Unit was launched, offering 12 subjects.

“Highly innovative content was designed to engage students who had been relegated to studying from the confines of their homes. Quizzes, talk shows, cartoon characters, art integration, etc. were introduced into the online classes. “In addition, topics with important social messages related to the Covid19 pandemic were taught, such as taking the necessary health precautions, community harmony or sensitizing students about other environmental challenges. So far, the feedback has been extremely positive from both students and parents, ”he added.


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