Delhi-based Abhishek Agrahari, an engineering student,received  internship offers from the UK’s University of Oxford and the USA’s Pennsylvania State University and the University of Illinois, among others.

Delhi based student lands research internship offer from over 10 world famous universities – education

Achieving a world-class education at a world-renowned university is every academic’s dream, but it is often affected by the cost of living and exorbitant tuition fees.

Sometimes these dreams are thwarted at the selection level of some top-tier universities, as students don’t miss out on reputable institutions.

Yet an Indian student has not only defied the rules, but received internships at more than 10 universities, which various academics yearn to go to but rarely get the chance.

Abhishek Agrahari, a Delhi-based engineering student, is on cloud nine after he received internship offers from the UK Oxford University and the US Pennsylvania State University and the University of Illinois, among other.

“It feels great that I have received offers from so many renowned universities. The hard work has finally paid off, ”Agrahari told ANI.

He previously worked with some stellar institutes such as the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) on gas turbine engines and IIT Bombay on fluid-structure interaction, and IIT Kanpur on fluid dynamics and has offerings from the institute’s centers in Kharagpur. , Indore and Madras.

For Agrahari, the love of research comes from the fact that she doesn’t believe in going mainstream and the constant urge to explore something new every day.

“The investigation has drawn me from the beginning as I don’t like to follow what has been done in the mainstream. I constantly wanted to explore something new. I like to investigate topics such as fluids, the black hole, ”added the 20-year-old.

Brighter the sun, darker the shadow. There are questions from naysayers about your choice of foreign universities over Indian institutes. Agrahari feels that after working with top-tier organizations like DRDO and IIT, it is time for an international exposure.

“Foreign universities are somewhat advanced in terms of infrastructure, quality of research compared to what we are doing. Plus, it also gets great international exposure, ”he said.

But this success was not easy. He had to face his share of challenges during his graduation days and later as it was a “non-IIT” university and said that any student coming from IIT “would be the superiors” – a perception he believes exists.

“They (the universities) blindly believe in IIT students instead of giving students who attended private universities a chance. The whole process was very difficult for me, ”he said, adding that convincing the interviewers was not a piece of cake.

Agrahari said that he has to study from other sources for his research, as the topics he focuses on are not taught at the undergraduate level and are mostly investigated during the postdoctoral or doctoral level.

One would call him as fascinating as he idolizes British business magnate Richard Branson and Holocaust victim Anne Frank, as these two have nothing to do with his field. “His books, the thought process is something I really appreciate – he’s a multi-talented personality. I am very inspired by those personalities, as they are the cat and the master of all trades, ”he said.

When asked which university he would choose to do his internship at, he replied that he would do so at Oxford University in January next year. “Most likely I will leave for Oxford in January 2021 next year. There is a lot of paperwork to do to facilitate visa and exit. However, I am also speaking with two or three other institutes in the United States, ”he added.

Walking through the gates of Harvard, Oxford and Yale to go to class may seem far-fetched, but the key to the dream lies in sincerity, hard work and honesty with purpose, the 20-year-old said. “I always believed that if they (the inhabitants of IIT) could get there, why not me?” He concluded.


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