Cowherd’s son scores 664/720 in NEET, seeks financial help to do MBBS course - education

Cowherd’s son scores 664/720 in NEET, seeks financial help to do MBBS course – education

Jeevithkumar, the son of a cowboy and a Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment National Guarantee (MGNREGA) worker from the Theni district of Tamil Nadu, is among those who passed the 2020 National Eligibility and Entry Test (NEET).

Jeevithkumar, a student at the Government Model Higher Secondary School in Silvarpatti, Periyakulam, Theni District, scored 664 points out of 720 on his second attempt to take the exam and topped the list of students in the country’s public schools. who passed the NEET. this year.

Speaking to ANI, Jeevithkumar said that he may not be able to continue medical education as fees from even government universities are out of the reach of his family.

“It was not my goal to become a doctor, but I tried because the exam was very difficult to pass. Now I would like to take an MBBS course, but my family would not be able to pay the fees even of government universities, much less private ones. I want to ask people to help me continue with my studies, ”he said.

She also thanked her teachers at her school for their guidance and help in enrolling in a NEET preparation training institute.

“Last year I wrote the test only to realize how difficult it was. I was planning to write it again and my teachers helped me join a NEET coach and this time I was able to score 664 points, making me the national leader among public school students across the country, ”he added.

Jeevithkumar’s mother, Parameshwari, a MGNREGA worker, expressed her happiness for her son’s success and thanked his public school teachers for their help and guidance in her son’s studies.

“Jeevith’s school and teachers played an important role in ensuring that she could enroll in a year-long training class. Jeevith was the first in our family to get high marks in classes 10 and 12. We are happy with how well he has done and it feels like he has already become a doctor, ”he said.

The National Testing Agency had declared the NEET 2020 results on Friday.


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