Covid-19 has taught the world self-reliance is necessary: PM Modi at IIT-D convocation - education

Covid-19 has taught the world self-reliance is necessary: PM Modi at IIT-D convocation – education

The coronavirus pandemic has taught the world a lesson that globalization is important, but you also need to be self-reliant, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday.

Prime Minister Modi said this during his speech at the 51st Annual Convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, in which he participated via video conferencing.

“COVID-19 has taught the world one more thing. Globalization is important, but along with it, self-reliance is also important. The Atmanirbhar Bharat mission is important to bring new opportunities to young people, technocrats and leaders of technology companies. They should be able to freely implement, scale and commercialize their ideas and innovations. An atmosphere conducive to this has been created, ”said the prime minister.

He also said that the country is committed to providing Ease of Doing Business to its young people so that they can facilitate Ease of Life to the people of the country.

“The reforms carried out in various sectors in recent days are also made with the same intention. For the first time, unlimited opportunities are opening up for innovation and startups in the agricultural sector. For the first time, the roads are open to private investment in the space sector. Just two days ago, a major reform was made to facilitate business in the BPO sector, ”he said.

He also highlighted that the provisions prohibiting working from home and working from anywhere in the tech industry have been removed to make the information technology (IT) sector globally competitive and provide more opportunities for young people. talents.

He said the government is making decisions based on the needs of the industry and the future in mind.

“The rules of the last century cannot decide the future of the next century,” Prime Minister Modi said, adding that India is among the countries where corporate tax is among the lowest.

He further said that after the launch of the Startup India mission, more than 50,000 new startups were started in the country.

“It is thanks to government efforts that the number of patents has multiplied by four. Trademark registration has also increased fivefold. Along with fintech, agriculture, defense and startups associated with the medical sector are also growing. I have faith that in the next one or two years the numbers will continue to increase, ”he said, adding that the batch that passes today could give new energy to those new companies in the coming days.

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal along with other officials and students also participated in the event held today.


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