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The Congressional Special Committee will meet today as voices of discontent emerge after a dismal spectacle in the Bihar polls

A meeting of the Congressional Special Committee will take place today amid voices of discontent emerging within the party after a dismal performance in the Bihar assembly elections and other by-elections. According to the news agency YEARS, the meeting will be held at 5 in the afternoon by videoconference but the agenda is not clear.

Former minister Kapil Sibal had publicly criticized congressional leaders, saying the time for introspection was over and that people no longer saw the party as an effective alternative. Veteran leader Ashok Gehlot was quick to rebut the comment, saying that Congress has always come out of the crisis. Sibal, who strongly defended Congress and Sonia Gandhi, said Congress remains the only party that can hold the nation together. He said that it was not necessary for Mr. Kapil Sibal to mention our internal problem in the media and that “this has hurt the feelings of party workers throughout the country.”

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“Congress has seen several crises, including those of 1969, 1977, 1989, and later 1996, but we have come out stronger and stronger because of our ideology, programs, policies, and strong beliefs in party leadership. We have improved with each and every one of the crises and we also formed the UPA government in 2004 under the skillful leadership of Soniaji, we will also overcome this, “Gehlot said.

Congress won 19 of the 70 seats it contested in Bihar as part of the great alliance led by RJD. The opposition alliance ended with 110 seats, while the NDA retained power with 125 seats in the 243-member assembly.

Sibal was part of a group of 23 senior congressional leaders who had written to party chief Sonia Gandhi in August offering suggestions on ways to reactivate the organization.

Sibal was endorsed by Rajya Sabha Congressman Vivek Tankha, who said “it is time to act now, otherwise it will be too late.” He also said that for democracy to survive, Congress has to survive. Tankha was also one of 23 leaders who had sought reform in the party.

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Karti Chidambaram also proposed introspection and called for an internal discussion about the losses in the recent elections. Karti, son of former trade union minister P Chidambaram, tweeted: “It is time for us to introspect, devise, consult and act on @INCIndia.” The Lok Sabha MP from Sivaganga in Tamil Nadu made the cryptic comment while tagging a tweet from Sibal. Congressional leader Sanjay Nirupam demanded that the party leaders responsible for making decisions in the Bihar elections be held accountable for the sad spectacle, but defended Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi only went to the party’s campaign, but was not responsible for the decisions made in Bihar, Nirupam added.


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